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How to Deal with your Weak point

It has been confirmed time without number that the greatest enemy of man is not

(1) Peer pressure
(2) Negative influence
(3) Wrong foundation
(4) Demonic spirit
(5) Evil marks
(6) Curse or spell
(7) Ungodly covenant
(8) Satanic arrow
(9) Spirit of hatred
(10) Bad luck

The above are enemies of man’s destiny though, but none is the greatest.

Additionally, the greatest enemy of man is not

(11) Lack of education
(12) Lack of income
(13) Lack of opportunity
(14 Lack of recommendations
(15) Lack of connection
(16) Lack of gifts
(17) Lack of vision and focus
(18) Lack of creativity and initiative
(19) Lack of confidence
(20) Lack of help

And all the lacks you can ever think of. Even though lack prevent man from being all he can be at every point in time, it is still not the greatest enemy.

Apart from man’s ignorance, the greatest enemy of man is


Yes you heard me right.

Man’s weakpoint is the greatest enemy of his greatness.

In other words, your weakpoint is your greatest enemy.

Each of weaknesses is a hidden link point for strange things. Not only that, your weakpoint is more like

A key
A door
A loophole
An internal snare
A failing force
A slow-motion force
An inbuilt diversion gear

Every weakness is a nature’s setup for setback, as it were.

IGNORANCE, another coded enemy, is an energizer of weakness.

A weakpoint that is not dealt with therefore can deal with anybody. A weakness not confronted can confront any destiny.

The goodnews is that every weakness can be dealt with. Even successfully.


1. Realize that you have at least one. Yours may be covetousness, gluttony or something else.

2. Know assuredly that there is God’s grace upon your life. This grace can help you in dealing with your weakness

3. Appreci8 the fact that God’s grace is meant to help you avoid unnecessary failure caused by man’s weakpoints

4. Decide and determine to silence and conquer your weakpoint

5. Talk to God about it with all humility. You can’t do what God can do in your life

6. Open up to your pastor or mentor. Conquest over weakpoint becomes easier when you connect with higher grace and open up under it.

7. Act and react in opposite direction to your weakpoint. When you choose not to go in the direction of your internal diversion, God’s grace in you will help you prevail.

The least is endless. But i believe working with these will go a long way to help you.

I pray for you today, whatever you’re suppose to silence will not silence you. Whatever you’re suppose to conquer will not conquer you.

Great grace will be active in you.

Please note that i wrote this to encourage you. It is a chapter from my book titled DIARY OF WISDOM. Please share it with as many as you can, even on other social mediums, JUST AS RECEIVED, to encourage others.

I remain
Yours faithfully
Author of Magnets Of Miracle & Empowered To Prevent Academic Disgrace


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